The Kitchen - Gift Hamper


The Big One. The Cupboard Filler. The Kitchen Gift Hamper.

Full of all the best cooking necessities you need and deserve in your life. 

This hamper contains all our favourite products, the ones we can not live without and use on a daily basis both here on castle street and at home in the kitchen.

Great for people who love to cook, new houses, established homes, or simply when you want to restock and fill up your cupboards!

Our Luxury Branded Gift Box Includes;

    • Grahams Irish Dijon Mustard - A mustard which won a silver medal at the World Mustard Awards. A potent Dijon mustard, it was commended for its kick and subtlety of flavour in the finish. A great accompaniment with all sorts of meats and cheeses.  
    • Clearspring - Organic Toasted Sesame Oil - This rich nutty aroma and flavour of Clearspring Organic Toasted Sesame Oil gives an authentic oriental taste to food. Use in marinades, vinaigrettes, sauces and dressings, as well as flavouring stir-fries and noodle dishes.
    • Kate's Rich Rhubarb Chutney, perfect with any cheese .Our Rich Rhubarb Chutney just keeps getting better with age! Spoon this delight onto your favourite curries or cheese boards. The perfect mix of sweet and tart. 320gm jar.
    • Solaris Irish Chunmee Green Tea - This green tea has a soft, almost fruity aroma. sweet after tones. A great tea for kickstarting your metabolism and to keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day.
    • Perelló Pickled Garlic, heaven slathered in hot sauce - Pickled in wine vinegar infused with oregano and tarragon, this garlic has a full and savoury sweetness.
    • Killybegs  Irish Catch Chip Mate - The secret to chip shop chips! 
    • Nobó Irish Salted Caramel Dairy Free Chocolate - Creamy vegan caramel flavoured chocolate, hand topped with sea salt flakes. keep me in the fridge.
    • Knocknarea Sligo Honey 227g - Gorgeous honey made by local man, Keith Clarke.
    • A Bit On The Side - Red Jalapeño Jelly - Delish on crackers and cream cheese and in cheese toasties.
    • Amaizin - Jalapeños -A common staple in Mexican cuisine, these organic Jalapeno peppers will be sure to make your mouth water. Always keep in the fridge. Always in the fridge.
    • Belazu - Rose Harissa, great as a marinade, add to soups, dressings, couscous.
    • Maldon - Smoked Sea Salt - Gently smoked over oak to add a rich, sophisticated flavour to any dish. Approved by Organic Food Federation and Kosher certified. 
    • Nuñez De Prado - Olive Oil - This has spicy fruit aromas with enjoyable citrus notes and a peppery finish. A versatile oil - perfect for drizzling on bread and using as the finishing flavour for fish, Spanish salads and tapas.
    • Royal Umbrella - Thai Jasmine Rice - Soft and fluffy. One of the most popular types of grain. 
    • Kate's Cranberry Sauce, we use this all year round, Sunday Roasts, or mix it through mayonnaise for the best-toasted brie sandwiches. 
    • Santo Domingo - Paprika - A kitchen essential. Mild, sweet smoked paprika.
    • Biona - Capers Jar - Ethically sourced and grown from organic ingredients, these capers are perfect for adding to pasta dishes, stews, or simple meals that could do with a fresh punch of flavour. 
    • Thai Gold - Thai Red Curry Paste - Ideal for curries, stir-fries, soups and marinades, Thai Gold Red Curry Paste is delicious, pure and additive-free. Pure paste, no bulking ingredients.
    • Blanco Niño - Sea Salted Tortilla Chips - so good! Enjoy by themselves or dip some into the Red Jalapeño jelly & cream cheese.
    • Ortiz - Tuna - Full of flavour but not too strong! 
    • Alfez - Maftoul Giant Couscous - These grains can be used instead of couscous or rice & are perfect for pilafs, salads, tagines & soups.
    • Thai Gold - Organic Coconut Milk - The simple fact about coconut milk is that the quality tastes better. No matter if you are cooking Thai curries or making deserts, good quality coconut milk shines through. 400ml.
    • Biona, Organic Green Lentils - A good source of protein and rich in dietary fibre. No added sugar or salt.
    • Kylemore Acres - Bolognese Sauce Seasoning Blend, this is a real favourite with the kids. Used with your favourite pasta or to make a delicious lasagne.
    • Thai Gold - Thai Rice Noodles - No matter what you are going to do with these noodles - stir-fry, soup or salad they first need to be cooked.
    • DeCecco - Rombi Pasta Shapes - Traditionally, this type of pasta was served with fish-based sauces, sauces made from chicken and duck, and was widely used in rural cooking in the Abruzzo region, or with lamb based sauces, typical of the mountain districts. Rombi is also ideal for preparing bean soups or with meat ragùs and tomato sauce.
    • Antonella - Pelati Tomatoes - These peeled tomatoes are the perfect base for a thousand recipes. 100% Sardinian tomatoes, they are born with respect for tradition and a passion for an Italian taste. 400g
    • Dr Coy's - Vegetable Bouillon - This versatile bouillon doubles as an all-natural flavour enhancer, whose bouquet of organic vegetables, aromatics and sea salt enhances everything it touches. Your best friend in the kitchen.
    • Chimac - Korean Hot Sauce - Inspired by Korea and made in Dublin. Not too hot, a sauce that will ignite your wildest dreams. Marinade chicken or pork, spice up your rice, drizzle over fried chicken! 396g 
    • Blue Dragon - Panko Breadcrumbs, perfect for katsu curry crumb
    • Clearspring - Shoyu Soya Sauce -An award-winning soya sauce. 
  • It is the finest quality available produced by an artisan producer to a traditional recipe.

This Gift comes in our Gorgeous Hamper Boxes with a gift tag.

*Please note that due to unavailability we may have to replace some products but replacements will be just as delicious.


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Geraldine Killoran
Excellent hamper

The hamper had it for my daughter who is a real foodie and she absolutely loved it...worth every penny. 💖💖

The Kitchen - Gift Hamper


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