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When you want for yourself or to gift 'The Best Of Everything'. All the bits to help fill an empty fridge or cupboard and tummy.

Local Delivery Available Every Wednesday & Saturday to anywhere with F91 Eircode.

Meet the world's first Does-What-It-Says Skincare Range.

Faace Skincare

From Period to Tired , Faace have created targeted solutions for when hormones play havoc with your skin.

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Adding a lively kick to your morning

Spruce up your body care regime


Award-winning and best-selling Shea Butter Range from L'Occitane. Enjoy supple and soft skin like never before. Explore their range of deeply softening shea butter creams, body lotions, and shower gels, and bring instant relief to tight and dry skin. Made with organic and natural shea butter from Burkina Faso, our body-based products are 100% fair trade and sustainable.

Moss Boss

Harnessing the power of nature to enhance your well-being. highly sought-after product helps by alleviating IBS symptoms, and respiratory ailments, boosting energy levels, and beyond.

Snap, Crackle & Pop

Kate's Rice Krispies

A crowd-pleaser and best seller, our Rice Krispie Squares are perfect with a cuppa after a long day at work or as an after school treat.