Maskne - It's a thing

Maskne - It's a thing

Maskne, yep its a thing . With face masks now part of our everyday attire,  the struggle with Maskne is real.

Face masks are now an essential part of everyday life. When worn correctly, they protect us from viruses and provide a sense of security to those who wear them. However they do have a side effect and it's called "Maskne", which is a mask induced acne.

Unfortunately, masks are a feeding ground for bacteria. When we breathe into them we create a hot, moist environment, one which germs and bacteria thrive on and grow in. It also leads to a build up of sweat and oil which can block pores which gives you spots. Your mask also creates friction which brings on inflammation and irritation which leads to clogged pores—and breakouts.

We have compiled a list of our skincare favourites that help fight and keep "Maskne" at bay.

The Bodyshop Tea Tree Face Wash

This refreshing face wash cleanses blemished skin to remove impurities and excess oil leaving skin feeling clean and purified.

Suitable to use daily, leaving skin less shiny, mattified and with visible cleaner results. We have tried and tested this on some maskne of our own and we saw visible results over a 2 day period! 

RENs Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Water

A toning cleansing water suitable for all skin types to help remove light makeup and days dirt. With clean ingredients such as; Rosa Damascena extract which is known for its astringent properties (shrinks + contracts body tissues, it also has anti-bacterial benefits and helps reduce acne). It cleanses and removes make up and reduces the appearance of pores.

Also contains Tannins which help fight against bacterial infections. Suitable to apply daily morning and night.


It is recommended to exfoliate regularly to help clear pores.

With gentle, yet powerful Lactic Acid (AHA) and Salicin (BHA), this skin-resurfacing tonic is suitable for daily use to brighten skin and bring some energy and life back that may have been lost due to pollution, city living or tiredness. Lactic Acid effectively exfoliates the skin surface, removes any dead cells and replaces moisture all without causing irritation. Salicin from Willow Bark helps dissolve any block pores helping them appear tighter and clearer. This is a firm favourite among the staff at Kate's and has become a staple in our skincare regimes!

Be careful not to over-exfoliate as this will cause irritation, for this reason, it is best to use this toner once a day, we use it as part of our nighttime regime.

REN Non Drying Spot Treatment

Acne hates salicylic acid but we love it!

A non drying spot treatment with Willowbark which naturally reduces redness and spot size without that flaky feeling. Xylitol keeps the surrounding area hydrated while probiotics rebalance the microbiome to help prevent future breakouts. Perfect partner to combat any unwanted maskne visitors!

REN Clearcalm Gel Cream

This light moisturiser works to hydrate and nourish, easing inflammation and minimising pores. Sebum production and bacteria are diminished, inflammation and hyperpigmentation are reduced, for a skin that feels comfortably calm and blemish free. Bye Bye Maskne

REN Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum

A protective serum for all skin types, in particular, sensitive skin. With Milk

Protein to help calm the skin, Ochroleuca Seaweed Extract to help reduce irritation and Arnica Extract to soothe any sensitivity. Acts as a free-radical scavenger, too! Perfect aid for any maskne irritation.

Looking For a Gorgeous Mask ?

The Cotton Mask Project - from Sligo via Cornwall , our good friend Ashleigh is creating these gorgeous cotton reusable face masks and are available online. Check them out below. 

Mimi O Hara 

Marketing & Cosmetics Assistant - Kates Kitchen Sligo